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Previous Residents

December 3rd 2021 - January 6th 2022

Josh Philpott - The Sigil is Subsumed by the City 

January 6th 2022 - February 2nd 2022

Alex Russell - poems about the rain / poems to place in the rain

February 2nd 2022 - March 3rd 2022

Gem - “Back-Atcha Chorus, You Hard Chorus, I’m Godless For Snatches, Bleakly Car-Darkened On A Lozenge”, “Some Bandaged Mystery, Cotching In Corinthinan Spit™ And I’m Toggling Spines ’til Gox-uary”, “O.K. “Drenched Regolith”, I’ll Catastrophise Sparse Naturals… For Heelys! And For Bait-Drenched America”, “The Fuckin’ Consequence-Free Rotisserie Buttress Married My “How My Wife And Child Perceive Me” D-ring Set w/ Knives”, “Toxic Heel-Toe Goblet Wasted An Enneagram” and “In The “Rescue” of Oxnard Spelling, Faxing a Spaniel (Or Collapsing A Spelling, Or Faxing Your Daughter) Is A Rat Cum Spelling” / Card Drawings

March 3rd 2022 - April 7th 2022 

Mouth of Heaven - Missives from th' Antarctic Postal Servise

April 7th 2022 - May 5th 2022

Orpen & Whyte - Jake Thackray & Other Dead Men 

Future Residents

May 5th 2022 - June 2nd 2022

Kym Deyn - The Vending Machine Oracle

June 2nd 2022 - July 7th 2022 

Julian Walker - Dark Harbour, The Excursion


What is Special Dispensations?

Special Dispensations is an artist residency programme by Honor Ash, based in a vending machine, currently situated in the bar of Norwich Playhouse. Each month, a new artist is invited to take over and use the machine to distribute works on paper for the price of 50p per vend. 

How can I apply for a residency with Special Dispensations? 

Send us an email at specialdispensations@gmail.com and we'll get in touch with details on how to submit a proposal. 

Who gets the money from the sale of artworks? 

50% of all income goes to the resident artist, and 50% contributes towards the administrative costs of keeping it running.

What do I do if there's a problem with the machine, or it vends me a blank card? 

Email specialdispensations@gmail.com or call or text 07702440950 with the time, date, and nature of the issue, and we'll head out to fix it as soon as we can. If it eats your change, we can also arrange a refund. Please note the venue where the machine is located cannot issue a refund on our behalf. 

Norwich Playhouse

42-58 St George's Street




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