1. an agreement (as between lovers) to meet
2. an appointed meeting or meeting place
you step into the dark space and are greeted with a musty smell that reminds you of your grandmother
turning to sit you notice a figure dressed in black sitting at a typewriter with their fingers hovering over the keys 
nothing could have prepared you for this. you extend a greeting to the figure but you are ignored and they set about writing on a small square of paper they had selected just for you
an ornate hand mirror is angled towards you and for a second you jump before realising that the eyes reflected in it are your own 
the piece of paper is thrust into your hand and you realise that it's about you 
there's no way they could have known that just from this brief encounter, is there?
as you exit the wind chimes serenade your thoughts of fortune tellers at carnivals and you realise you gave nothing in return except your presence and you wonder if that was all they were looking for

Honor Ash 2020